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Audition Technique    

Be Prepared

Ian has helped dozens of students to choose speeches and prepare for drama school auditions. He has also taught audition technique in some of those same schools and knows what they want.

Competition is tough and most applicants fail. Not because they lack talent but because they were unprepared. Some drama schools express a preference for untrained raw talent. Despite this many who win through have been professionally coached.

A first meeting and assessment is free then if Ian decides to take you on there is an hourly contact rate. The number of hours you need will depend on how hard you work between sessions.

Thomas Edison said that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. Proper preparation takes time so allow at least two months before your proposed audition.

Although Ian will try to answer your questions about an acting career he cannot guarantee your ultimate success.

Past students include:

Philip Bateman
Helen Baxendale
Sophie Bickell
Daniel Brown
Patrick Buckingham
David Child
Ruth Copland
Richard Costello
Grant Davison
Emma Flett Sophie Hallett
Darren Lee
Eddie Marsden
Helena Martin
Karl Moffatt
Neil Monaghan
Felicita Swann
Emma Tunmore
Laila Vakil
Biddy Wells

For more information, please contact me on: cullenian@btinternet.com